About: Modest Teck


Modest Teck (MT) is an opinion based website that firmly believes technology should be affordable for all people.


The goal of MT is to shed light on the available technology that is lower in price. Just because a product is low in price, does not always mean that it is low on quality and experience. Modest Teck aims on providing you the information you need in a quick and direct manner for you to make a decision on purchasing affordable technology. 

About: Vincent Williams

Vincent Williams is the creator as well as the content deliverer for Modest Teck. As a kid growing up, Vincent always had a passion for technology. Since money was tight growing up, he tried to get his hands on any piece of technology that was affordable.


With the interest in affordable technology never dying down and technology becoming more affordable than ever, Vincent has decided to share his thoughts and ideas for lower cost technology products for those interested.