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AQHQUA 4 in 1 Wireless Charger

Updated: Jan 9

Is it worth the extra bucks to buy this all in one charger?


  • 10W Fast Charging Wireless Pad

  • 360 Rotating Charger

  • Apple Watch and Airpod Charging Stand

AQHQUA 4 in 1 Wireless Charger

When taking this charging device out of the packaging, I was excited to declutter my night stand from multiple chargers. In the end, it ended up adding to the clutter I was trying to avoid.

The Good:

From handling this charger device, my first impressions were positive since it does feel heavy and sturdy. It feels like a device that would be able to do its job without any issues. Having the ability to charge multiple products at once all with different charger ports is an added plus. This added plus is not only for myself, but if a friend came over and needed to charge their phone as well there wouldn’t be an issue since multiple chargers are supported. The 360 rotating design is a nice perk, but I do find it to be unnecessary.

"The biggest negative for me though is the charger pad. It appears that the dimensions of the wireless charger is a little off."

The Bad:

Speaking about charging devices, the actual charger ports do feel very flimsy. I understand the design was intended to have the ability to pull the phone forward and then up out of the device, but having that design makes it extremely difficult to actually place a phone into the charger. The biggest negative for me though is the charger pad. It appears that the dimensions of the wireless charger is a little off. When placing my phone down on the charging pad to charge, it has to be placed in a specific spot to charge wirelessly. If the phone somehow gets moved 1 or 2 centimeters, my phone will not charge. Also, when picking up the phone off the wireless charging pad it feels that I have to maneuver around everything else that is charging. There isn’t enough space for everything to charge. I would have liked it if the pad was a little bit longer so I wouldn’t run into this issue. Lastly, I understand there is an open hole to hook up an Apple Watch charger. My question to this concept is why not just build the charger into the stand? Everything else here is able to charge except the apple watch in which I had to take my apple watch charger and fit it into the open hole. Isn’t the point of this charger to get rid of charger cords and have one universal charging pad? Also for the open apple watch hole itself, the dimensions were off on that too, leading to nights where the watch would not charge at all.


Overall I can say that buying this charger really does not give any beneficial value for the purchase. You’d pretty much be buying the same thing you already own. I feel that you can save your money for another item to purchase for the cash being spent. There are very good all in one chargers out there, but I can say that this just isn’t one of them.

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