• Vincent Williams

Backup Pictures to Google Photo for Free

We’ve all been there. The stress of believing you may have lost your photos because something happened to your phone. Thankfully, there is a way to automatically back them up through Google Photos for free! Follow these simple steps, and you live stress free in terms of your photos.

From an iOS or Android device:

  • If you are using an iOS (Apple Device) Go to the App Store and Download Google Photos. If you are using Android, simply open the Google Photos App.

  • Open the App when downloaded and sign into google with your Gmail Account. If you do not have one, you will need to create one.

  • At the top left corner, press the three lines

  • Select Settings > Back up & Sync

  • Turn Backup and Sync on if it is not on

If you would like to have the free unlimited storage, simply select “High Quality” When selecting “Upload size” inside of back up & sync.

For more information in terms of file types and size supported, visit the Google support page here.

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