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Twelve South Power Pic

Updated: Jan 9

Is it a Picture Frame or a Wireless Charger?

Twelve South Power Pic

An Elegant Way to Charge a Device


  • Wireless Qi Charging 

  • Up to 10W fast charge

  • New Zealand Pine Frame


The Twelve South Power Pic is a simple solution that doubles as a wireless charger. When your device is not charging, the picture frame blends in seamlessly to your overall environment. When unboxing the picture frame, right away I was able to notice how solid the frame was. This isn’t your typically $5-$10 charger from Ikea. The frame feels heavy but also shows off the design in a simplistic, welcoming way. When putting the frame on the counter, the picture frame blended into our overall environment perfectly. Another positive experience is playing audio while charging the device. When using my iPhone, the downward firing speakers made the volume louder than it actually was. This is because the positioning of the phone is propped perfectly into the frame while charging. Also, the added perk to having the ability to fast charge is what really made me like this dual purpose charger even more. This ability though doesn’t come right out of the box though which is a disappointment.

"When unboxing the picture frame, right away I was able to notice how solid the frame was. This isn’t your typically $5-$10 charger from Ikea."


When opening the box, I was very excited to give this charger a go. Only seeing the picture frame and the USB cable though put a little of a sour taste in my mouth. For the price that is spent on the frame, it would be nice to have a wall charger included in the package. There is the ability to use the picture frame as a 10W fast charge device, but only if you have the 10W fast charge wall outlet. If you are trying to use a standard Apple charger that comes in the box, prepare yourself to have a slow charge like you would plug in your phone originally. Also, I did wish there were other options other than just black or white. A natural wood color would be welcomed.


Overall if you are in the market for wireless charger, I would seriously consider giving this option a look. This is a solid device that blends into any home environment to the point visitors will think this is just a picture frame as opposed to a dual purpose charger. A link to the Twelve South Picture Frame is listed below.

Pick up a Power Pic or any other Twelve South accessory here.

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